Scriptol is a modern, safe, and easy to learn programming language. The compilers produce JavaScript, C++ or PHP code.

Scriptol provides a faster solution to program your scripts and applications. It is the first procedural language to integrate reactive programming and goal orientation.


Scriptol demo

The Scriptol to JavaScript compiler

The Scriptol to JavaScript compiler implements the version 3 of the language, launched in 2016.

Compiles Scriptol to JavaScript and may be used either from the command line with Node.js or in a PWA with HTML pages. Can access JS code directly with no wrapper.
The command line version requires scriptol.js while HTML pages must include scriptolbrowser.js.

Scriptol to PHP

The Scriptol to PHP compiler implement the version 2 of the langage.

The Scriptol-PHP compiler converts Scriptol programs to PHP and makes scripts or dynamic web pages. The PHP code may be interpreted on various platforms by the PHP interpreter.

Scriptol to C++ and binary

The Scriptol to C++ compiler implements Scriptol 3 minus JavaScript extensions.

Object oriented

Classes and inheritance.

Goal oriented

Set goals to achieve synchronously ou asynchronously.  More

Reactive programming

Program like in a spreadsheet.  More


You can load an XML file into an multidimensional associative array.

And also...

Extended control structures.

News about Scriptol

See the changes page for the last version of the language. Continued