Webmaster's tools perfom automatically the most tedious part of the work of webmasters for web page creating. Type just a command and see the program achieving the job!
All programs are free and open source (sources in Scriptol, Php, C++).

This Scriptol program, from a simple text, produces a HTML manual and generates also a summary that links on each chapter... It is also able to automatically generate a full tutorial from a list of texts and create a table of content with links to chapters from titles.

Your original text has this form:

  MAIN TITLE (centered)
 heading (with a blank line before and after)
sub-heading (as heading, but indented)
text body
text body (at least two lines)
... etc ...

All headings and sub-headings will be put into the summary, and links are created towards each corresponding chapter or section.

Download Outline

Sources are included into the archive.

By Kim Haskell and Denis Sureau. Mozilla 1.1 license.