Online interface running on your site to launch check and optimization tools to improve ranking in search engine results.

Prerequisite: PHP 4 or PHP 5 for some scripts.
License: GNU GPL 3.

The bioloid (robot) IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is here to make some work for you.

How it works

Bioloide is a tabbed interface, each tab for a script that check an aspect of the site or contribute to its content, which is the case of RSS editor for example.

It is easy to add a script, a tab will be created automatically by the setup program included.

Bioloide works for the moment on site made of static pages. Versions tailored to CMS are planned for a second time.

How to use the software

  1. Extract the archive into a directory on your site, and put it online with a FTP client such as FTP Synchronizer.
  2. The installation program allows you to enter a password. So start by install.php.
    You can choose automatic login by using your IP address. But avoid it if you work in a shared environment (eg cyber cafe).
    Even if your computer is automatically recognized, you must enter a password for the event or you have to work on another computer.
  3. Delete install.php on the server.
  4. This step once taken, the tabs and to scripts become active.
  5. Above at right you can see a link on the setup program. It allows you to add new scripts to the interface ...

To launch the program, if it is installed in the directory http://www.yoursite.tld/bioloide/ enter this URL in the adress box of a browser.

Adding a tool to the interface

To do this, upload the script in the same directory as Bioloide. Then go to the setup to create a tab.

Type the name of the script for the label on the tab, and below the filename, and click on "Add a Tool".
Then click on "Save and restart Bioloide".

Scripts included

The list will be augmented frequently.

You can report other compatible scripts on the forum.


Other scripts are in development and will be added gradually over time.


The software is being updated by uploading the file of the new version over the previous one. There is nothing to uninstall.
The update overwrites the list of tabs. If you have added tabs, delete the file tabs-list.txt before to upload the contents of the archive. Or edit it to add additional scripts.

It is not necessary to repeat the registration process, you must delete the install.php file before uploading the softwat, from the contents of the archive.

Versions and scripts added to each version


The interface has been created with the following tools: