Advanced Editor

Full text editor based on Ace, to work on multiple projects. Requires Electron.

Advanced Editor

Advanced Editor is a programming editor especially designed to users like me who have to switch frequently between several projects.
It work locally with Electron.

Advanced Editor with version 3.0 becomes Cryonie Editor. It is hosted on a new site and integrates the management of a database.

Main features:

Getting started

To launch the editor, open the console window, go to its directory and type the following command :

electron .

Or create a new icon on the desktop and set the program and the work directory, for example:

"C:\Electron\electron.exe" c:\AEdit\

Start from:


Download and instructions

Download Advanced Editor on Github

Installing: Download as a zip file and extract the archive at the root of a local drive.

Download and install Electron. Use npm or make electron visible throught the PATH variable on Windows. The install.bat program can do it for you in a session.