Optimisation for the Bing search engine

Bing was not a significant market share outside the U.S., but tips that apply to this engine are valid for most others too.

Tips for getting inbound links

Bing provides a list of advices on the site, which mirror the basics of SEO already expressed in various articles on this site, as the SEO bible for example.

We encourage you to create links with various methods ...

Prohibited links

And nearby links to get, there are those that must be avoided because they are more harmful than useful.

Other Tips

Avoid manipulations: once they are detected (and they are always) a spam rank factor is applied to the entire site.

There is an apparent contradiction in the advices from Microsoft. Directories of articles do not provide quality links, but you are encouraged to use them.
Similarly, they urge you to contact other webmasters but do not exchange links.
The contradiction is resolved probably by moderation: each link must be considered, mass links as those from blogrolls are abusive.

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