Site Update

Freeware - Open source under Mozilla 1.1 Licence

Site Update is another script at to help the webmaster, as it accomplishes tedious tasks to leave to webmasters a more intellectual job. It may be useful also for all programmers.
It compensates the lack of include statement in HTML and in a general manner, it allows to propagate code from a file to all files in a project or a web site.
Site Update can:
- replace a part of text, taken from a page of your website, to all other pages.
- put a header at top of your source files.
The program works offline, on the local image of your site.

Using the program

This is a command line script. It is invoqued with just one command:

 siteupd toppage [code]

The code option is use if you want to replace several part in the pages. This is the # sign followed by a letter or a digit.
Toppage is the page which holds the code to replace in all other pages.
Both the top page and all other pages must contain starting and ending markers for the code to replace:


The second X of XSTARTX may be replaced by another letter or a digit when more than one part has to be updated.

The program copies a text file, or a part of text file, into all other files in the target directory, at the specified position. The position is denoted by starting and ending markers. This allows to put a header or a menu on all pages of a site, and to update them, at just a command.
The program may be used also to put the copyright, the licence or any other text, into all sources of a project by an option at command line.

Download Site Update

View the manual.

The source code is included into the archive. It is written in Scriptol, and therefore it is simple and clear. It is provided under the Mozilla licence.

First release date: January 2005.