Spy Links, evaluating a site

Spy Links is a PHP script which evaluates a site from its external links. It helps to note the social quality of a site depending on the number of links on other sites, and can also be used to verify if a site has a link on another.

The program has the following functions:
- Count the number of external links and perform calculations.
- Display the top list of most linked sites.
- Number of internal and external links.
- Test for broken links (optional).
- Search links to a site (option).

The source code is in Scriptol and the executable code in PHP. It is used from the command line.

Social evaluation of a site

Social assessment of a site is particularly useful in terms of SEO. There are sites that do not or very few link on other sites: it is unnecessary to place links to such sites.

The result of evaluation according to the script can recognize the following status:
- HONEST: the number of external links is in normal proportion: 1 external link at least for two pages.
- FRIENDLY: The site has many external links, more than two per page.
- VERY FRIENDLY: The site has more than 5 external links per page on average.
- EGOCENTRIC: Less than one link on two pages.
- BLACK HOLE: Less than one external link on 5 pages.

The term Black hole is used in SEO in reference to black holes in space that attracts all the celestial bodies while nothing ever comes out of them. Some webmasters want to receive visitors from other sites but not they leave their site (sometimes they disable even the "back" button).


Open the command line window and go to the directory where is installed the script, eg:

The script can be executed from the command line by the Scriptol compiler:

    solp spylin [options] page

or directly by the PHP 5 interpreter:

    spylin.php php [options] page

The page is a full URL in the form:



    -n followed by a number (without space).

Limit the number of pages for big sites. For example:

    solp spylin -100 http://www.xxxxx.com/index.php

Only 100 pages will be parsed on the site.

    -s followed by the domain name of a site.

To check if this site has links in its page to this site.

    -t followed by an integer.

Sets the number of lines to display for the top list.

    -c verify the links.

The result will be more precise, as broken links are not counted, but it will be slower.

    -v verbose, shows more details.

Default displays only errors.

    -q quiet, displays nothing.

The program produces a file named links.log which contains all the results.


The script works with PHP 5 on almost all operating systems and models of computers.

Getting the program

This script is licensed under GNU GPL 3.0. You can use it freely. If you distribute the archive, you must keep the copyright in the Scriptol and PHP source codes.
If you modify and improve the code, the Scriptol and PHP source must be published according to the GPL.
If PHP is not installed yet, download the version 5 of the interpreter on php.net.

  1. Download the zip archive.
  2. Unpack it.
  3. Open a command line and
  4. run the program in the window according to the syntax given above.

GNU GPL 3.0 license.