Forum, wiki, ecommerce, transforming Wordpress in any CMS

Designed as a blogging software, used as a portal site too, Wordpress is becoming increasingly universal. We can transform it into any kind of CMS, through plugins. Into a forum, a wiki, a store, etc. ...

Online store

To create an online store, a specialized paid software is not necessary. Wordpress can do it with some plugins.
It must then support these functions:

Examples of plugins:

You can also prefer an open source CMS such as Magento Community Edition. There is a lot of alternatives in PHP: Avactis, Batavi, osCommerce, PrestaShop, Ubercart, VirtueMart, Zen Cart and Agent-Ohm a fork of Magento.
And in Java: Broadleaf Commerce, Ofbliz.


There are several plugins to transform Wordpress in a forum. This has no interest in itself, since there are many good CMS dedicated to that, as phpBB, FluxBB, SMF and others, except that using Wordpress gives you the opportunity to extend the software with a wealth of other useful plugins!


Once the plugin installed, just check a box so that it becomes a collaborative space to which visitors can participate and complete the article!


Transforming Wordpress in a directory and import the contents of a site developed on Freeglobe is also possible. Of course, one wonders why all these directories exists, but these are the webmasters who know ;)


To create a website made by the visitors, who describe their articles, and vote for the articles, actually this is not a plugin but a simple theme associated with three plugins:

Social Network

A site with profiles and allowing members to post messages or send messages to other members, Wordpress MU can also do so. On the account of each member are displayed their friends and followers and you have created your version of Twitter!
The services of the plugin:

BuddyPress. Supported by the WordPress Foundation too, adds social features to your blog.

Video Gallery

Of a video gallery plugin is expected more than the display of videos, for that you just insert a reader from Youtube or other sharing site or a flash player for hosted videos. A manager and edit functions are provided by the plugins too.

Image Gallery

A gallery plugin to download images and create thumbnails automatically. And various functions that facilitate access to images or special effects.


Transforming Wordpress in a specialized CMS may have advantages. A quantity of available plugins that are not found with a specialized software. In some cases it is possible to add the specialized version to a portal site sharing the same database, the same services, and this is great too!