Comparison Between Silverlight 1.0 and 2.0

Silverlight 1.0 is a cross-platforms and cross-browsers plugin to display Web pages holding XAML code.
Silverlight 2.0 (formerly 1.1) is an interface to .NET. It also works with most browsers, but it requires a subset of the .NET platform or a compatible platform. This enables it to use languages other than JavaScript. Actually it has a virtual machine such as Java.

Features Silverlight 1.0 Silverlight 2.0
AJAX Yes Yes
Cross browsers Yes Yes
Cross platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux). Yes Yes
Integration into HTML Yes Yes
Using DOM Yes Yes
HTTP Functions Yes Yes
JavaScript language Yes Yes
Other .NET languages - Yes
2D Graphic Yes Yes
JPG et PNG Images Yes Yes
High definition video Yes Yes
Audio/Video (VC-1, WMV, WMA, MP3) Yes Yes
ASP.NET Controls (as asp:xaml) Yes Yes
XAML Parser Yes Yes
RIA Controls - Yes
Managed control framework - Yes
Improved security - Yes
Multi-threading - Yes
REST, JSON Web services - Yes
LINQ - Yes
Read/write XML on the server - Yes
Offline - -
Download size 2 MB 4 MB

It is not said if the two solutions will coexist, or if the latter will have to replace the first. Version 1.0 is a subset of 2.0, which offers greater portability through the virtual machine and should replace the first version.