The Universal Configurator

A tool to configure any program, providing its configuration is stored into a ".ini" or similar text file, or into an XML file. A file of valid options for each property must be provided, similar to the configuration file.

The configuration file may have this format:

The file of options may have this format:
option=value, value, etc...
Universal Configurator, the screen
Change here the values of each option in the configuration file.
Configuration source
View the source of the configuration file.
Options editor
Edit the file of possible values for each options.
Options tree
Display the tree of values
U.C. setup
Configure U.C. itself.

How it works

The software is written in Scriptol and use XML features of this programming language. The Scriptol code is compiled to C++ and merged with the graphical user interface made with Turbo Explorer C++.

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