Chrome, the browser that changed the Web

The Google's Chrome browser, according to its creators, is not intended to take market share, but to change the offer so people can have tools to use the current Web 2.0 made of online applications rather than simple text documents.

Why is Chrome different? Chrome is even more than a browser, it is a strategy. Take an example. New computers equipped with Asus motherboard have the Express Gate feature, it is a smaller version of Linux that starts at the computer boot and displays instantanously a browser. One can thus read its mails immediately, without waiting for the loading of Windows or Linux. For many users, the browser is all they expect from a computer. It is easy to conceive that future lighweight netbooks will include only a browser as Chrome to run the most common Web applications with just the ability to store files.

What improvements came with Chrome
Most of the advantages of Chrome has been taken by competitors.

Versions of the browser
New features in each version since the first. Evolution of speed.

Chrome and privacy
A new settings panel allow to choose exactly the level of privacy.

About Plugins
The command about: plugin provides a list of add-ons in Chrome.

List of extensions

Google Chrome OS
Google develops an operating system too, it is designed for speed, simplicity and security.

Evolution of browser's market shares
The rise of Chrome is continuous.

Chrome FAQ
General questions, a practical faq is provided by Google.

More infos and resources