CSS, techniques and components

Components to improve and simplify the design of your Web pages without using a JavaScript framework.

A title in a separator bar

As for the legend tag on the border of a fieldset, you can combine a title and a separation rule.

Context menu in JavaScript and CSS

With no framework, create a replacement menu for the right mouse button.

Custom checkbox

Change the look of the checkboxes in your forms, with no framework.


This CSS 3 property, which add a shadow to characters, is implemented in all browsers except IE 6-8 which uses a filter.

Image gallery

How to keep the layout of a multi-rows gallery of image, on all browsers.

Pure CSS tooltip, containing images

We customize information bubbles to choose their appearance and improve their content, with images, titles.

Common issues and solutions

Centering, aligning and other problems.

Online tools and editors

Online box-shadow editor

Draw a box shadow and get the code to paste.

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Free CSS templates

HTML interface: Filling exactly the browser window

Unlike web pages, the interface of an application must not scroll, it must always match the dimensions of the browser and be adjusted when the user resizes the browser window. Here is a style sheet to obtain this result.

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