Some original websites

You've decided to your own website, not a blog but a reference site with pages of lasting interest. Rather than adding yet another digg-like in the list (digg-likes go very bad today), why not try something completely original? Here are some examples of sites based on a new idea, perhaps unique, and through this, now successful!

43 things

A specific and very positive social network where you do speak of only one thing, the goal of your life. You let it known by the others, then you say if you are able to approach or otherwise you expose your disappointments. Teach others how evolves your quest ...
The site is closed, perhaps an opportunity to take over?


Google-like English dictionary. A blank page with a text input field in the middle, like the Google homepage. Type a word in English, get an instant definition!


The aim is to determine the time of your death. Enter some data about you and years will be displayed. This is not a macabre joke but rather a means to let you think about risk factors.

One Sentence

It's simple: we must describe an event of his life in just one sentence.

Anomalies unlimited

Original in its presentation, the site is also original in the content with a database of the most strange, bizarre beliefs and other incredible stories.

Can you run it?

This Web service scans your system and tell you whether it is sufficient to run a game Just enter the name of the game to check.

Quotations Page

A compendium of quotations exclusively. You can get them by author, a search box or display them randomly.


Original, it is mainly in the presentation by drawings: there is no bar menus and sidebars. It is intended for children and makes them navigate inside images. A new Web design!

Surreal Places

The nicer website. Nothing but pictures, but only surreal, fantastic, unreal, beautiful ... Add a bookmark for your wallpapers.

Asian Poses

You may have noticed while watching a film from Hong Kong that girls have often quite mysterious gestures. This site is dedicated entirely to the poses that have Asian teenagers, and their interpretation ...
Update: Unfortunately the site is now closed. You have to use search engines ...


This site helps you to make decision. Just tell it about what you have to make a decision. The new explore feature let you browse some ideas.
Based on a classical decision tree, with appealing pictures...

Clients from hell

Reports bizarre claims from clients on line.

Bill Gates in jail

Hollywood behind bars

Shows  showbiz personalities who have spent time behind bars. This includes Frank Sinatra and Paris Hilton.

Find a grave

A site to find the grave of any notable person, it will be shown on the site with a short biography.

Badly Stuffed animals

We would not have thought there is a site specializing in stuffed animals, and that failed!