What applications for a mobile?

Many services and Web applications are also available as an application for a model of smartphone to take advantage of the touch screen.
There are also games that turn it into game console. They may be similar to 3D games on computers 10 years ago. In 2000, we often had a resolution of 800x600 pixels on a 15 inches CRT scree, which corresponds to the resolution of smartphones.
And there are number of applications that could run on a computer, but are not usable on it because they must start immediately and anywhere.

Here are some example of the amazing possibilities of current smartphones.

Spatial moving of text or image between computer and smartphone

And some examples of applications taking full advantage of these capabilities...

Localized search

Taking advantage of GPS, finding a restaurant or any service can direct you on what is nearby.

Tourism in augmented reality

Again with the GPS and also using the built-in compass and of course the camera, you can display information superimposed on places to which you point a smartphone.
It serves as a tour guide. See Augmented Reality.

You can also combine augmented reality and the search and show superimposed on the image taken by the camera, a message showing what you are looking for.

Remote control

Some ISPs offer an API that can turn a mobile into a remote control, simpler to use than that supplied with the box of the operator.
We can thus choose the channel, controlling a recording and performing actions impossible with standard devices.

Home automation controller

In other words, the control center for home appliances, including lamps. Android@home is an application for Android that automatically manages your home. Lighting controls as needed, for example. Applications depend on developers.

Smart alarm

By placing the mobile on the bed when sleeping, the latter thanks to the accelerometer can detect your position and deduce in what phase of sleep you are. He does not wake you up if you are in deep sleep, but wait until you're out to sound the alarm.

Plane Finder AR

Allows by pointing the phone to the sky to see the position, speed and weight of the closest plane.
Also it displays the flight number, the airport of departure and destination.
To do this the application uses the ADS-B system that planes now have to transmits a signal containing the data.

Poster translator

In a foreign country, aim the camera on a poster, a restaurant menu written in an unknown language, and it will be translated into the language of your choice.

Evaluate a distance

Accoustic Ruler is an application ables to determine the distance between a point and the device (up to 25 meters), using the loudspeaker to emit a sound, the microphone to receive the echo, and calculating the time between the two. It uses the ambient temperature as an adjustable parameter...


A free application gives us the name of a tree from a photo of a leave with a visual recognition software. It was developed by Columbia and Maryland Universities with the Smithsonian Institute.
The database is rather local for now. See Leafsnap.

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