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Réponses aux questions sur le gestionnaire de fichier local en JavaScript.

Chrome not found?

The executable of the Chrome browser was recently moved on Windows. The new address, to put in NODE.INI:
Windows 7 64-bit:


Windows 7 32 bits:


Why not using a WYSIWYG editor?

In the context of use that would not be really relevant. I actually tried a dozen different editors, WYSIWYG or not, including the most popular, as Tiny MCE or CKEditor. These editors go well with the files they create themselves but do not show anything good when a file created by another program is loaded. As part of the consultation of files on the fly in directories, they are not suitable. In addition they tend to edit files that load, add tags, and it's still a disadvantage.
Finally, the ACE editor is clearly one of the best choice due to the extent of its capabilities, and it can replace both a notes editor like NotePad and source code editor. For the WYSIWYG view can still view the page, since AE works in the browser!

What are the JavaScript libraries used by AE?

I thank the authors of the following libraries, in alphabetical order:

The icons come from the following packs:

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