Command line image gallery generator

This script generates a web page with an image gallery generated from a directory containing images.

This is the command line version and an online version with a graphical interface is integrated with Bioloide.

How use the script

To create a gallery, open a command line window.


    php galgen.php

To see the options and the version.


    php galgen.php [parameters] name-of-the-page

This generates a web page with images according to your options.

The presentation depends on both options from the command and the stylesheet gallery.css.
The content of the latter is defined by yourself.

The page can be put online directly, or into a iframe, or you can copy and paste the contents into another page. In the latter case we must do the same with the style sheet.


-t followed by the title.

     Title for the page, optional. Put in quotes if there are several words.

-c followed by a number.

     The number of images juxtaposed on the same row.

-d followed by the name of the directory where are the images.

     If the option is omitted, the images are taken in the current directory.

-w followed by a URL.

     The path on the web where will be stored the images. If the option is omitted, the images are read in the directory of the page.

The name of the page to generate the extension of your choice.