Firefox Extensions For Webmasters

To develop a Web application, to design a dynamic Web page with precision, find sources of errors and have a view on the state of exchanges between the browser and the server, Firefox may be transformed into a software programming and a testing tool thanks to these extensions.

Development and debugging

Debugger for JavaScript and Ajax.Shows the contents of the exchanges between the browser and the server.

Page Speed
Performance tool for your pages. The installation adds the Page Speed tab in the Firebug control panel (which is required) from which you can scan a page and get optimization advices.

The Web Developer
A menu added to Firefox includes several tools.

Displays errors in JavaScript, DOM, CSS. Other improvements on the builtin console.

Viewing HTTP headers when loading a page for each component as well as cookies created by sites on your computer.

Modify Headers
Using HTTP headers. Lets you create ones.

Publishing and development

View Formatted Source
Displaying the HTML source code indented and colorized.

Font Finder
Show CSS styles for selected content items and lets you know how it was achieved.

Takes a color on the page to allow for use elsewhere. Proposes a palette.

Displaying a rule to adjust sizes.

Load Time Analyzer
Gives loading time of each element of a page.

SEO and links

You can view a tag cloud on the results pages of Google with the Cloudlet extension. This helps the user to refine his request, but it's also very useful to the webmaster by showing the semantics associated with a keyword.

SEO Quake
Adding a toolbar with numerous indications about the importance of a site or a page. Works with Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Link Analysis
Completed Google Tools for Webmasters. When you click on the list of backlinks to a given page, displays of PR backlinks and those which have disappeared (mainly from RSS files).

Search Status
Displays the PageRank and Alexa rank for the current page. Highlight links in nofollow on visited pages. The drop-down menu also gives access to several other infos about the website.

Provides access to some thirty tools especially on the links and the position of the site. Availability of a domain name. Extracting HTML contents.

Extract main keywords in a web page.


HTML Validator
Includes a compatibily checking feature for the HTML code and compliance with the standard.

Quick Locale Switcher
Change the language of the browser.


Help for XHTML pages with a specialized XML toolbar.

The XPather
Using XPath.


Displays the sites's contents in mime type of mobiles: 'application/vnd.wap.xhtml+xml'.