Where to find fonts for the Web?

Fonts have the advantage to beautify a page with the text itself, which is taken into account by search engines, unlike the images that are indexed, but not their content.
Special fonts are also indispensable for scientific notation or non-Latin scripts.

Two questions:

  1. But how to find these original fonts?
  2. How to make them accessible to site visitors?

The second issue is solved by the use of PDF, which can be produced with Open Office or a PHP script or conversion software.
You can also install new fonts locally - it is a second choice - to use a drawing program producing images containing text.

About the first question, here are some clues ...

Fonts for all contents

It is Google that offers to improve your pages with beautiful fonts and a bit of JavaScript code to include.
You will have to call a script on an external site which may slow the page display.

Scientific fonts

STIX offers scientific and mathematical fonts under a free license. A three megabytes file is available for download.
They are usable in your own documents and in PDF.

The W3C MathML specification also led to implementations for browsers.

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