SketchToPhoto: A Fast Photo Composer

Draw a scene freehand with the mouse, a simple drawing as that of a child: SketchToPhoto (formerly Photosketch) transforms the sketch into image by replacing the approximate layout of objects with real pictures.

In a corner of the screen, the sketch you make, and the scenery and other objects in images, then the final photo corresponding to your design.


Keywords must be added to objects in your sketch so that the software finds the appropriate images. From there, the software performs an image search on the Internet to find the best components and filter other images.

The algorithm defines the edges in the images and separates them from the original scene to introduce them in the scene defined by your sketch.

Then another algorithm addresses how it will incorporate the objects in the scenery of the final image.

The software was developed by Chinese students in Singapore.

The site.

Getting the binary executables. This is a set of command line programs.

Requires the Open CV 1.1 library.

SIGGRAPH reference. More infos about the project.

Creating a logo with images and text in minutes. From a sketchup you can also apply some filter to produce a pretty logo.

NVidia's landscape painter

Nvidia has created an even more efficient software, based on deep learning. It directly converts a freehand drawing into an animated landscape!

NVidia landscape painter

NVIDIA Canvas for Windows is downloadable from the NVIDIA site, but there are hardware constraints to make it work.

iPAD users will also be able to use SketchAI which do the same thing but more efficiently without resorting to a powerful graphics card.