Ideas for a cozy home page

The way is designed the home page encourages visitors to stay on the site or leave it, and give an impression that will influence its decision on the content, regardless of its quality.

The statistical tool of your hosting can optionally specify the bounce rate of visitors to the home page, ie, those who do not consult any other page.
Since the homepage is not intended to respond to a question, but is used for orientation, the bounce rate should approach zero (which is not true of the inside pages because user leave the site when they found what they search).
The more the bounce rate exceeds zero and the more it shows dissatisfaction.

What to do

Gathering information on making a home page is easy. Not only on the Web, but also looking at any magazine The summary is what the client looks on the shelves of the library before deciding to buy, so it is treated by publisher as an incentive to continue reading.

In the case of a blog, home page is at the same time an internal page, the design guidelines no longer apply to the body of the page, but applies on the side panel or a part of the page.

What to avoid

To conclude, the advice is not worth the experience. It is by reviewing lots of sites, and as I said before by looking magazines, and noting what you likes and what bothers you or makes you go, that you can know how to improve your own site.

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