How to Create a Gallery of Image in Thumbnails

The PHP language has functions for image processing producing outstanding results.These functions are used to create thumbnails.

This tutorial outlines three stages how to make thumbnails usable in a gallery of images on a Web page.

Part One

How to create thumbnail images for your web pages

PHP functions of the GD library.
Installing GD.
Comparison between PHP and an image processing software.

Part Two

Making thumbnails whose height and width are given, in PHP

Formulas of interpolation.
Creating an intermediate thumbnail.
Gallery of thumbnails of the same size.

Third party

Centering image in thumbnails, and graphics formats

Calculation of offsets to crop the image.
Different formats of graphics files.
Gallery of thumbnails.

Thumbnail Maker

This tutorial has been the base for a ready-to-use script that resizes images or converts the content of a directory to thumbnails.

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