PHP and SQL Frameworks

List of free PHP frameworks that support SQL. Modules provide bases to include basic functions such as authentication, and the SQL interface simplifies the use of a database.


Under the MIT license, it is an interface to MySQL, with a model-view controller (MVC) design and for the code, object orientation.
It incorporates technologies such as CRUD, ActiveRecord. Its template engine allows you to use Ajax, JavaScript, forms.
Commons modules for authentication and session are included,

Website: For PHP 4 or 5.


Under BSD license, it is an object-oriented framework supporting the model-view object.
It includes modules for authentication, caching, debugging, documentation building, emails and many others.
An object provides an interface to databases.

Website: Solar PHP. For PHP 5.


Compatible with many database engines. It is intended to create Web applications for business. Using the MVC model, it offers a code readable and supports Propel and Doctrine technologies. A cache system accelerates applications.
There is a CMS with the same name, it is different software.

Site: Symfony. For PHP 5.2.4.

CMS and frameworks

Some CMS are both frameworks and tools for site management.
These include:

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