Content Management Systems

CMS (Content Management System), are increasingly popular and the most used of these is Wordpress which powers millions of blogs. They allow the webmaster to concentrate fully on writing content while having a site looking professional.

This section is designed to help to choose a tool in a too large list, to allow to understand how is built a CMS, and to provide scripts to automate services on a website.

What is a Content Management System?
What is a CMS? Which type to choose? In brief, the role of a CMS is to automate the management of the tasks necessary to put articles online:

List of CMS
The full list of commonly used content management system with their purpose: portal, blog, wiki, for each languages, PHP, Java, and so on.

CMS popularity list
Provides a ranking of software based on the traffic of their website.

Building a CMS
Step by step tutorial of CMS building.

Script to convert a phpBB forum into static HTML pages
This script loads the threads that are number given from the database and creates an HTML page for each. The same script exists for fluxBB.

Script to convert a fluxBB forum into static HTML pages
To integrate threads as comments if the site contains other pages beside the forum, or to archive the forum by getting rid of the database.




How to make a digg-like?
Source code and list of sites.