Design of programming languages and compilers

New languages ​​often are unable to integrate new concepts to make programming easier, safer.

A programming language for all
Simpler than Basic or Julia ... We must go through reactive programming. And the solution has been around for decades!

How are created new programming languages
A matter of priorities.

Beyond cabalistic languages​
The way of deliverance seems routed.

The future of programming languages
Who know the future? The one who make it, obviously.

History of simplifications in programming languages
The code becomes more and more compact and productivity is improved thanks to the innovations of new languages.

The Scriptol language

Comparing Scriptol, C and PHP codes
Simplifications introduced by the syntax of scriptol compared to that of two old languages​​.

Data structures in Scriptol
For a modern representation of data.

Control structures in a modern language  
New design to obtain a simpler and more compact code.