How to obtain backlinks

Backlinks and position in results of search engines are the goal of SEO and the later depends upon the former. This has become even more crucial since Panda is essentially based on the number of independent links.

Links coming from directories are not prohibited for Panda but for the main algoritm it is essential that backlinks are on pages of same topic that your site, and that the anchors are not the same repetition of the same group of keywords. Over-optimization is now penalyzed by algorithms of search engines.

Pages which bring links naturally

Design of the site

Show you are an expert


Take part in sites of news

Collaborative sites

Contribute with scripts


The hunt to broken links

Make a blog (for a commercial website)

Select the sources of backlinks

Whatever the nature of the sites from which we hope links, digg-like, partner, another blog, etc. avoid sites that have unfair practices :

To see which sites provide links and which do not provide, see at the Links entry in Google Webmaster Tools.

List of directories