ECMAScript 6 implementation tests

Test directly in each browser the implementation of the new features of the language.

The choice of features is based on the implementation in at least one browser (Firefox actually). Then we can see through these tests when other browsers are implementing and so when they can be used in production.

This page concerns the JavaScript language but a similar page is dedicated to test the implementation of HTML 5 across browsers.

For these elements to work, specially generators, grouped assigment, let, we must for now specify the version of JavaScript for Internet Explorer:

<script type="application/javascript;version=1.7">

It is not necessary for array methods that depend on version 1.6, as it is the version implemented by default and for other elements.

Added to JavaScript Implemented?
Iterator (1.7)
Generator. Reserved word yield (1.7)
Scoping. Reserved word let (1.7)
Destructuring assignment: [a , b ] = [x , y] (1.7)
ArrayBuffer and typed arrays, Int32Array, etc... (ES6)
Method reduce of Array (1.8)
Method filter of Array (1.6)
Method map of Array (1.6)
Methods every and some of Array (1.6)
Methods indexOf and lastIndexOf of Array (1.6)
Object Set and method has, attribute size (ES6)
Object Map and methods set, get, attribute size (ES6)
Fetch (API)
Object.keys() (1.8.5)
String.trim() (1.8.1)
Object JSON (1.5)
Objet Proxy (ES6)
Promise (TC39)
Const (ES6)
Proxy (ES6)

ES6 is a shortcut to ECMAScript version 6.

More details about new methods of Array. Another page on the site is dedicated to Harmony.