Progressive Web App, a technology to make web apps look alike native apps. This section offers original techniques and JavaScript scripts to assist in the making of such an application.
For a description of PWA, see at this page in the programming section.

Starting with Chrome 70, you can install directly a PWA on Windows 10, and it will work exactly like a desktop app.

JavaScript goal-oriented
It is easier to manage objects operating simultaneously with the concept of goals.

True reactive programming in JavaScript
Simple implementation of this paradigm, which brings a new level of ease in programming.


JavaScript.Ini: Configuration file manager
This script generates an HTML user interface from a JSON configuration file for a local (with Node.js) or online application. It also allows you to update the file based on the options selected by the user. A full demo is provided for download.

Convert XML into JavaScript object
Script wto access XML or save an object in an XML file.

The simplest autocomplete code
With no framework, no regular expression.

Difference between two dates
In years or days. Age of a person.

Script to check the required version of the browser
Tell users which version you have to install for the application to work.

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