How to use the standard client-side database, demonstrations of all functions.

IndexedDB has been implemented in all browsers for several years. It is a key/value database, therefore non-SQL, on the user computer. It allows an application to make all user data permanent to be accessible from one session to another without having to load them on the server each time the application is launched.

We can thus make available to the user a large library of functions, which will be loaded once and for all. It will only be accessible for the application(s) of the same site, an IndexedDB database is linked to a domain.

Using IndexedDB with Electron
A simple database for your locale application, compatible with a web app.

Loading a JSON file into IndexedDB
A script with a demonstration to fill an IDB database from a file and access the content.

Storing scripts in IndexedDB
How to load source files, store them in the database, and use the functions in an HTML page.

Online demos

The SimpleIDB framework, available on GitHub, allows to perform with a single instruction each basic operation on IndexedDB: add, read, modify, delete, search. And it's less than 10 KO!