How to use JavaScript on your local machine and have a universal library of functions.

Using JavaScript at command line
JavaScript may be used as a scripting language on the local desktop.

Node.js, first steps
Description of features of this JavaScript framework, and why it is important for developers.

How to build a page and application server script
Second step in the study of Node.js, how to make a basic server.

A system for making online or offline applications
Node.js is the basis of five components to build application for the web or the desktop.

First steps with WebSocket and Node.js
Creating an interaction between a server and a HTML page, online or locally, is very easy with

A readLine function to Node.js
File System module has a flaw: you can not read a text file line by line. Here is a simple function to complete this module.

Loading a JavaScript file into another with Node.js
Three methods are proposed to include a JS file, two with functions provided by Node.js.

PHP and Node.js

Running locally a PHP program from the browser
Node.js connects the browser to executable files on a local machine. So a HTML page can launch a local script.

HTML 5 as an interface to a local script, with Node.js
How to pass data to a script (PHP or other language) running on the local desktop once entered in a HTML form. These data become parameters to the script and results are send to the browser as a web page.

PHP script used locally, with HTML 5 interface  thanks to WebSocket
This demonstration provides the additional possibility for a local script after receiving data from the HTML interface to send the results to the same interface, which can then process and display them.

From PHP to JavaScript, server side

Why to replace PHP by JavaScript on the server?
What does JavaScript offers that PHP does not have?

Part two: A CMS in JavaScript on the server. With the example of Ghost.