Advanced Editor

Complete text editor based on Ace, for working on multiple projects. Requires Node.js.

Advanced Editor is a programming editor especially designed to users like me who have to switch frequently between several projects.

Advanced Editor

It work locally in a browser and requires Node.js. The WS module is included in the archive.

Originally the editor was a part of Advanced Explorer and has been separated in a standalone tool.


Download and instructions

Download Advanced Editor on Github

Installing: Download as a zip file and extract the archive at the root of a local drive.

Download and install Node.js. Put the files in the same directory that Advanced Editor or make it visible throught the PATH variable on Windows. You have also to edit the setup file to add the location of the browser.

Edit the aedit.ini file to add the path of your browser. For example Chrome 64 bits on Windows:


To launch aedit, type the following from the command line:

node edit.js

Or create a new icon on the descktop with this target:

"C:\Program Files\nodejs\node.exe" c:\AEdit\aedit.js

Start from: