PHP FTP Synchronizer - Free Program For Website Update

Free program to update your website from local files. PHP FTP Synchronizer traverses the tree structure of the source directory recursively and updates the file on the website, by replacing the files which were modified.

PHP FTP Synchronizer is a script whose source code is in Scriptol language and converted into PHP by the Scriptol PHP compiler available on this site, in version 7.0.
It work at command line (a graphic interface is under development for Windows).

Why use PHP FTP Synchronizer?

Compared to the various existing programs, commercial for the majority, the synchronizer offers speed options:

Moreover the executable program is a PHP script, it thus works on all operating systems, Windows, Linux, Mac... And you can extend its possibilities if needed.

How the program works

The required parameters being given (see below), the program has the location of your files, the name of the site (in ftp.xxxx.tld form), login and password, directory on hosting if one does not copy at root, as well as chosen options.
It reads each file by scanning in a recursive way the source directory and the sub-directories, compares files with remote files if there exists, and copies them or replaces them.
If the option of acceleration is selected, it compares the dates or contents of file with the backup, and if they are different uploads the files, copies them on the backup also and synchronizes the date of files in the backup with that of sources.

How to use the synchronizer

One opens a DOS Windows or a console under Linux or Mac.
One type a command in the form:

solp ftpsync [options]

or directly in PHP:

php ftpsync.php [options]

Texts in brackets [] are optional.


php ftpsync.php -v -llogin -pmotdepass -dw:\scriptol\ -bf:\scriptol\

The options which are detailed in the handbook allow to pass all the required parameters. If a parameter misses, the program prompt you for it. But if an option is given and that must be followed by a string, this one must be provided in order, it is not asked by the program which in this case displays an error.


Manual of use

Manual of PHP FTP Synchronizer in HTML version.
More formats are available, see at bottom.

Last changes in versions


It is possible also that the server closes the connection if it works for a long time. Use a backup directory or the -n option preferably.

Getting the program

The archive contains:
- The Scriptol source.
- The PHP executable script,
- The manual in HTML format, and ODF, you can create a PDF or Word's DOC file with Open Office.
- The ftpcheck script to verify a connection.
- The GPL licence.

By Kim Haskell & Denis Sureau . GNU GPL 2 License.


Link Checker on the server side

2009-12-12 14:14:35


Is it possible to run the "Link Checker" script from a website? I uploaded the files to my server and tried to run linche.php, but here was an error: Warning: array_slice() [function.array-slice]: The first argument should be an array in /linche.php on line 429 I am quite new to programming. Chris
2009-12-14 03:10:02


The script is not designed to work on the server, there is no advantage to use it on the server because it accesses all the pages throught http:// About the error, it means that is variable is not an array because the script was not able to parse the page and returned false rather than an array.

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