Reviews of software for programmers and webmasters

Best software for webmasters, developers, and other programs of more general interest.

Evolution of browsers and HTML 5 support

Internet Explorer finally supports HTML 5 with version 9

What license for my open source software?

A comparison of open source software licenses, under the conditions they impose or not.

HTML editors

Best free tools for writing HTML pages, documents and to write a blog offline with a good editor.

Code editors written in JavaScript

The Mozilla editor Skywriter was merged with Ace to provide a powerful online collaborative IDE for many languages..

When OpenStreetMap becomes Sim City

Or Google Maps, mapping APIs once exploited by developers allows to make interesting applications.

Oracle vs. PostgreSQL

Why to buy an expensive DBMS when a free alternative exists?

History of software forks, the successes

How to tell if a fork will become popular and will replace the original?

Firefox extensions for developers

For Web application design and debugging, Firefox may be turned into a development tool. The list includes tool for design, checking for errors or compatibility, and web page optimizations.

List of tools for video

The best free software to display and edit videos, extract images, convert the format, compress, copy a movie to hard disk.

Silverlight, a magic plugin. It disappears

Web programmers need for standards. After XMLHttpRequest (first available in 2000 on Internet Explorer 5) and Ajax (popularized in 2005), XAML could be the next step, but it was missing a runtime to run on any computer. Silverlight is this tool that allows to run RIA on several browsers and operating systems. Moonlight is a port for Linux.


Comparison of anti-virus software

Comparing free and paid solutions.

List of free archivers

Comparison of free tool to build archive and compress files, ZIP compatible.

What genealogy software to use?

Overview of online services and software for editing and creating family tree

Other tools and software

Internet Explorer 10

No revolution this time in the browser, but version 11 will implement WebGL.

From IE 7 to IE 9, HTML 5 for all

A revolution for Microsoft with a full HTML 5 support occurring four years after its implementation in Firefox and Chrome.

Windows 8

Some info for the next Windows version for all computers from tablets to servers.

Utilities for the desktop or the web

Free alternative to commercial software.

The magic slate of the MIT

A software to give life to an old dream. But maybe the Galaxy Note will be a better solution?


These software are abandoned of have uncertain future.