Reviews of software and tools

Best software for webmasters, developers, and tools for the programming environment.

What license for my open source software?
A comparison of open source software licenses, under the conditions they impose or not.

Evolution of browsers and HTML 5 support

Internet Explorer finally supports HTML 5 in version 9

Node, Go, Scala, Elixir...
What language is best for a web application? The advantages and disadvantages of each are explained to avoid further rewriting the code, which happens often.

HTML editors
Best free tools for writing HTML pages, documents and to write a blog offline with a good editor.

Code editors written in JavaScript
Even Microsoft has its version with Visual Studio Code. Since Mozilla Skywriter which was merged with Ace to produce a powerful IDE, many editors in JS running on the local machine appeared.

Oracle vs. PostgreSQL
Why to buy an expensive DBMS when a free alternative exists?

Cassandra vs MySQL
Large scale NoSQL database compared with MySQL.

History of software forks, the successes

How to tell if a fork will become popular and will replace the original?

Silverlight, out of browser web apps
Platform for rich web apps, Silverlight was first designed to replace Flash, and then for mobile apps, but now it is only supported on IE 11 and out of browser apps. Not on the new Edge browser that does not support ActiveX.

Internet Explorer 10
No revolution this time in the browser, but version 11 will implement WebGL.

From IE 7 to IE 9, HTML 5 for all
A revolution for Microsoft with a full HTML 5 support occurring four years after its implementation in Firefox and Chrome.

Sysinternals, free utilities for Windows
Microsoft provides a lot of "secret" utilities for getting infos on the system or tweaking Windows.