Wordpress, themes and technical

Wordpress is both a host of blogs, Wordpress.com with million hosted blogs and also a software to install on its own hosting which can be downloaded from Wordpress.org.
There are other blogging software such as Dotclear, but Wordpress, through its many contributors has a very broad range of plugins and themes that make it nearly universal and provides almost all the features that we could ask for.
We can give it also a more generic use, building even a platform for e-commerce.



A classic, SEO-friendly, flexible-width theme for Wordpress.


Show categories in tags and display the list of last post for each category.

Creating your own theme for Wordpress
8-page tutorial on creating a theme with an example of implementation actually used in production.

How to modify a theme?
Using as example an easy to access a theme, we see how to find items to edit.


Installing Wordpress locally
To design a new template, to test something, it is useful to have a local version of your blog and work on it at no risk for the blog.

Using Wordpress as a CMS
The software is powerful enough to build a magazine, a site of e-commerce or an online encyclopedia.

Custom fields tutorial and example
You can add scripts to your posts en enter parameters from the Edit panel.

Wordpress and search engines
This begins with the configuration and the choice of a theme and ends with the installation of plugins ... before the creation of content.


A Wordpress plugin to add news to a website without to change its actual structure.

Essential plugins for Wordpress
Add features to Wordpress or change the appearance.

Turning Wordpress into a directory software
Adding a directory to a blog or creating a directory site.

Forum, wiki, Digg-like, transforming Wordpress
With the right plugin, you can transform Wordpress in any specialized CMS and keep the advantage of all its plugins.


Wordpress will ditch PHP for JavaScript
A new API is developed to make Wordpress an application framework, and transform the software into a Web application mainly based on JavaScript.

How to speed up Wordpress
And eventually improve ranking, and user experience.

How to check the integrity of the Wordpress database tables
A script working on Wordpress and other CMS.

How to mass-delete users
Clean the database of all the spam accounts.

List of codes of widgets
The Wordpress interface consists of elements such as tag cloud, RSS and others. It is thus possible to build an interface to his liking.

A smart 404 page
Something else to give users that a simple error message. With a file to download.

Understanding the .htaccess file
How Wordpress redirects URLs.

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