How to insert an image on a background with GIMP

Composing images with other images is much easier than it seems, and is done with the scissors, copy and paste tools, in a few steps.

We want to superimpose a photo of Zallascht Sadat (Miss Afghanistan in 2008) on Lake Band-e Amir.

1) Background image and image to superimpose

2) Bring up the photo at right.

To remove the black background and replace it with a transparent background, use the manual scissors tool, and define the edges of the image to keep. In fact that is both simple and quick.
You can go outside of the photo to reach isolated parts.
The work is complete when the endpoint joined the starting point.

But you need also to eliminate aliasing. Check the "Feather edges" box in the options of scissors:

3) Convert to a selection

When the last point is superimposed on the starting point, the scissors tool is automatically turned off and the image of a lasso replaces the mouse cursor.

Simply click inside the bounded image to make it a selection.

Do "Copy" and "Paste as new image". You now have the selected object in a transparent background. (You can see only in the picture on the right the disappearance of the background).

4) Superimposing the image

Now in the image of the model, click on "Select All" then click "Copy".

Go to the image of the background, in selection mode, and click on "Paste".

Move the image to fit as you want.

5) An option: A fade effect

When you paste the image of the model, you have two layers, one for the background image and another for the floating image, the one you just pasted.

You can in the same window of layers change the opacity of the floating image.

These images are under the Creative Commons License.