How to make a Website without to know HTML

We may create a website with its own hosting, without complicate installation procedure as with Wordpress, without editing HTML or CSS or PHP programming.

Several sites offer free templates and reusable kits.

One way to design a site without dealing with the CSS code is to use a theme for Wordpress under GPL license - all those listed on the site are so - and replace the SQL calls by text. The Cryonie theme offered by shows how a Wordpress theme can be written as well as a static page.

But if you want not to deal with HTML too, then the solution is to have recourse to a site generator as offered by many hosts, here is a short list ...

Site building and hosting

Several publishers, or actually hosts, offer a free service to automatically create a site with a custom design.
This kind of service seems better suited to make an e-commerce solution or to submit a product without any webmastering knowledge.
They are all free but the number of pages is often limited.


Not too many limitations with this offer, except the bandwidth always limited with this type of hosting.
To buy a domain or get a pro account require fee.
PageRank 8.


To create a flash website as is wix itself. Free accounts display the Wix logo.
The premium account is paid and can have its own domain name and analytics.
Claims 3 million sites created. PageRank 8.


Creating automatically a site from a choice of design, text, images and multimedia objects. Online editor.
Optionally you can use your own domain name.
PR 6 and high Alexa rank thanks to the many sites hosted.


Other online service and a choice of design in a set, registration starts actually by the choice of design. Free up to 5 pages and pay beyond, with the domain option.
PageRank 5.


For small businesses who do not want to pay a webmaster. Free but with a domain at $20, this amounts is that of a small hosting fee.
PageRank 7.

Google sites

Free hosting service provided by Google, with automatic creation of pages. With 10 gigas of space allocated and an unlimited number of pages, it is the most interesting offer because in addition several services such as Doc, Gmail, Calendar can be coupled to the site.
No own domain name.

Similar services

They have also a wide audience.


Many blog hosts can also put your blog online without dealing with the HTML code or hosting management.

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