How to sync Gmail with his mobile

It is possible to directly access the inbox of Gmail and other services directly on a smartphone without a browser.

Messaging protocols


Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.
It connects directly to the server of the transmitter and the receiving device to exchange emails that are sent during the connection of the two servers.


Post Office Protocol.
Lets you when you connect, to get the emails received in the inbox while not connected, contrary to SMTP.


Internet Message Access Protocol.
More advanced than POP, it can manage multiple mailboxes and retrieve emails selected by criteria.
IMAP-IDLE is a function that allows a server to indicate that the mobile is ready to receive notifications. This simulates the Server Push mechanism. All phones support it.



The connection to Gmail is automatic, the user gives his email and password on first use. The Gmail application will display the pending emails and notifies the user when a message arrives, a notification appears in the status bar.
The synchronization is complete, the changes in the account are retrieved in the web version.
For other messaging services, it passes through the POP, IMAP protocols.

More information. A table is displayed about the sync modes for each mobile.


It takes into account the services of GMail or Yahoo mail using the Mail for Exchange service. The synchronization is complete and the configuration simplified.
For others like Hotmail there is only a POP access, then receiving messages posted when offline. And the configuration is manual.

Nokia and Symbian S60

Nokia uses the Mail for Exchange service, which allows easy access to messaging and also its own Ovi Sync service. Both offer a complete synchronization.
The Nokia Messaging application provides access to all messaging services compatible with POP and IMAP.

Windows Phone

Microsoft of course focuses on the Hotmail service from the same company. Hotmail application offers a complete synchronization with the mailbox of the messaging with l the same name and Microsoft's other mailboxes.
Active Sync requires a specific configuration to access Gmail, and for one account at once unlike Android.

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