RoboEarth, Internet for robots

RoboEarth is a European initiative for a global network for robots to enable them to communicate, to transmit what they have learned.

This is reminiscent of the SkyNet network in Terminator movie series. Fortunately we know there's a big difference between what a writer invented to give chills to the public and the reality.

Why RoboEarth?

Because of the difficulty for the robots to obtain a rapid learning on the tremendous amount of things that make the world and the even greater amount of behavior they may have, it is necessary to share information.

Hence the idea, drawing on Google Earth and Google Maps to create a global data made not by textual descriptions, but of concrete objects.


A Internet and Intranet server is available to robots that provide data on:

The data collected by the robots sensors are transmitted to the network that classifies as does the Google search engine, and make them available for requests to come.

Operating diagram