Humanoid Robots

The humanoid robot HRP 4C

There are androids, specialized robots to replace humans for a specific, repetitive v, robot toys that can be programmed, and experimental robots to replace humans in hazardous or inaccessible areas. They are taking humanoid form to be closer to us. Most are or will be commercialized and will soon be part of the landscape.

HRP 4C or Ucroa

The latest model of a line of humanoid robots created by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology of Japan. It could look more human, but it has been deliberately avoided because some people are disturbed in presence of human mechanics. They get used over time. Its role is to fashion shows.

Atlas from Boston Dynamics

Humanoid from Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics, now a subsidiary of Alphabet-Google, is already known for Big Dog, the transport robot that never falls. There is now (click on image) a humanoid version, which seems apt to handling. With two legs it falls more easily, but knows how to rise as easily.

Honda’s Asimo

It is 1.3 m and 52 kgs. With 34 degrees of freedom, it moves like a human and can perform similar tasks.
It communicates, recognizes faces and voices.
After performing in public for 20 years, Asimo is being phased out of sales and demonstrations in 2022. Honda now wants to create a remote-controlled avatar.

HRP-3 Promet MK-II

Form both Kawada Industries, Kawasaki Heavy Industries and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology of Japan.

It measures 1,60 m. and weighs 68 kgs.

Most of the simple human tasks are accessible to it, such as using a screwdriver.
Its autonomy movement is two hours.

It will be possible for a company to acquire it for $ 150000 in 2010.

Manoi AT01

Successor of Kondo KHR-1, it measures 40 cms and weighs 1.4 kg.

With 17 servo motors (34 for Asimo) it can do a variety of movements, depending on its programming.

It can be purchased for $800.

Plen from Akasawa

Robot for entertainment, 23 cm and 700 g.

It is characterized by fluid motion, almost human, made with 18 degrees of freedom.
It is commanded remotely from a PC, it does not have embedded artificial intelligence.

The purchase price is $ 1000.

Pino and Nuvo of ZMP

Pino name is shorthand for Pinocchio. He is 70 cms and 5.5 kg.

The Nuvo model is 40 cms and 2.5 kgs and was presented as the first robot show

Toyota Partner Robot

It is 1.2 m and 35 kgs.

It can wear and utilize different items.

Wabian 2R of Takanishi

Wabian means WAseda BIpedal humANoid No. 2 Refined.

It measures 1.5 m and weighs 64 kgs, and has 41 servo motors.

The goal of this robot is to cooperate with human beings in different contexts and in particular in the world of work.
In perhaps an ambitious plan is to use it for rescue, education, and arts. And at home.
One solution being explored is to use it as attending the helper in Japan.

The same company has also contributed to the creation of the SHINPO robot.

Korntech’s Rogun (Korea)

This model is still under development. It measures 1 m and weighs 8 kgs It has 26 degrees of freedom.
It is not able to move easily, but is intended for professional use in static station.

It has the option of facial recognition and can send alerts. It can therefore serve as a local guard or childcare.
For example, if it is located in front of an unknown person, it will call on a given number to send a message.
It can:
- Talk and sing.
- Recognize the environment and the objects that compose it.
- Recogne a face.
- Interpret gestures.

It has a 7-inch screen, a communication by Wi-Fi and WiMAX.
It can be commanded by phone or Internet.

There are plans to commercialize it for $ 2000.

Robonova of HiTEC Robotics

It is 40 cms and 1.6 kg. It has 16 servo motors.

A programmable model, the movement seem almost natural. It is programmed easily on a PC using the mouse on a graphical interface. You can also use directly the Robo-Basic language derived from Basic.

Robonova is available in stores for $ 700.

Omnizero by Takeshi Maeda

This robot won the Robo-One challenge.

It measures 40 cms and weighs 1.9 kgs. It can jump.

Nao and Pepper

This small French manufacturing humanoid robot has the following capacities:
- 25 degrees of freedom.
- Prehensile hands.
- Voice recognition and synthesis.
- Facial Expressions.
- Vision.

It is 58 cms tall. A software can program the behavior of the robot in the Urbi language under Linux and give it new opportunities.

It is actually available to purchase.

Choregraphy of Naos, video.


Hubo is a short for HUmanoid RoBOt.

It measures 1.37 m and weighs 60 kg.

It has a plastic mask representing Albert Einstein. Its face has expressions. Its voice recognition system allows it to communicate.

This model is still under development.

Sony Qrio

Qrio for Quest for cuRIOsity.

It is 58 cm and 7 kgs. It has 38 degrees of freedom.

It has voice recognition and facial, and it is expressed in speech synthesis. It walks, locates objects and easily manipulate them.

Repliee Q1

It is a realistic humanoid specially created to replicate human expression.
It/She reacts to the environment.

It/She can act independently or replicate the movements of a distant person.

An article on Repliee.

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