Web Statistics

How webmasters design their pages and what services are used on their sites.

Web sites

In September 2014, according to Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of the Web), there are one billion websites in the world.

47 millions added websites in 2009. 300 millions in 2011 As of January 2012: 550 millions websites.
And more than 3 billion email accounts.

Domain names

The number or registered domain in January 2012 by Pingdom and 2013.

Extensions Number in millions 2013
All extensions 324  
.com 95.5 108
Countries (ccTLD) 86.9  
.net 13.8 15
.org 9.3 10
.info 7.6 7
.biz 2.1  

Statistics on services

After analysis of 4 million websites, Casual obtained the following percentages of sites and services they are related ....

28% use Analytics.
20% incorporate Flash.
18% have an RSS feed.
12% display Adsense ads.
5%   pages have a link on Facebook.
5%   have a Twitter link.
2%   have both.
1% of the meta tag site verification.

The validation meta tag is used by GWT, which may also use a file, so this last percentage is not representative.

Statistics on design of websites

The service at Mama from Opera browser establishes percentages every year on the designing of Web pages. These data were given in late 2008.

HTML code and page size

16,500 characters per page, average .
50%     of pages have a doctype.
2/3       of doctypes are XHTML.
90%     of doctypes are transitional.

Using CSS

The percentage of pages using style sheets.

80%  of the pages have a style sheet.
45%  of stylesheets are internal to the page.
The average size of the embedded CSS code is 1000 characters.
The average size of included CSS file is 8500 characters.

Validation to standard

How many HTML pages pass the test of compliance with W3C standard?

4.13% pass the W3C validation test.
50%    display the badge "W3C valid" while it is not.

Half of the pages that display the badge of W3C compliance is not consistent with reality.

Speed (by Google, June 2010)

The average download time for a page is 4,9 seconds.

The average size of a page is 320 Kb.

An average page include 44 calls to external resources in the header (between <head> and </head>). It is the main cause of slow-down.

How many Web 2.0 site?

How many sites use Flash

33.5%    of sites use flash in 2014 (Casual, in 2015, counted 20%).
67%      in China, the top (2014).
25%      in Germany, the less (2014).

How many Ajax pages

The percentage of pages using the XMLHttpRequest object.

3.2%     of pages are in Ajax.
10.18% in Norway, the top.
0.87%   in Japan, the less.

How many use scripts

Pages with server-side scripts.

75%  of the pages include code.
88%  use the script tag.
4%    use VBscript.
65%  have a script file included.
The average size of a script embedded in pages is 2500 characters.
The average size of a script file included is 6500 characters.


Servers powering websites en January 2012 by Pingdom:

Servers Shares
Apache 64%
IIs form Microsoft 14%
NGinx 13%
GFE form Google (Google network) 9%

Statistics by NetCraft, January 2010:

Servers Shares
Apache 53.8 %
IIs form Microsoft 24 %
NGinx 7.5%
GFE form Google 7%
Others 7%

By Opera, 2008:

51%  of hostings are under the free Apache server.
36%  under Microsoft IIS.


Market shares in the World, December 2009 by Net Applications and January 2014 by StatCounter (including mobile devices).

Browser 2009 2014
Internet Explorer 62,7% 25%
Firefox 24,6% 20%
Chrome 4,6% 47%
Safari 4,4% 4.8%
Opera 2.4% 1.3%

Internet users

By regions, January 2012 by Pingdom.

Internet users Millions
Total 2100
Asia 922
Europa 476
USA and Canada 271
Latin America 216
Africa 119
Middle East 68
Oceania 21.3