Household robot

Household robots are designed to perform various tasks at home ...


Partly autonomous and partly controlled, Readybot is a household robot that unlike Roomba features arms that allow it to perform tasks more varied and more humanely.

Its software was developed with a trial and error algorithm that resulted in a reliable behavior when left alone to operate.
The robot can be controlled remotely through Internet. It can work in coordination with other readybots. It is modular, you can change items to suit one type of task. And the programs can replaced.

The robot can be used with 80% efficiency of a human for various tasks:

And now he goes from home to the factory or it will be used for manufacturing tasks and routing.


The household robot is able to do the dishes, cleaning, and performing other household tasks. It was developed at the University of Tokyo.
To educate it were used videos of simulation games and interfaces for capturing motion of humans. 3D sensors are in work to give it a better appreciation of its environment.
As can be seen in the photo, it needs special waterproof gloves.
It is unfortunate that this manga look not suitable for cleaner.

Roomba, the cleaning robot

Roomba the cleaning robot has already been sold millions of copies. It's so tempting to plug a machine and watch it do the work for you!

But this inactivity gives way to some intellectual musings. Thus, a photographer had the idea to dim the lights, adjust the exposure of a camera to the lowest value, and allow the movement of the light signal the robot to create a work of art ...

Among other equally unexpected uses, several Roomba simulating the game of pacman!