Advanced Explorer, JavaScript Edition

Complete file manager in the browser for the desktop or a tablet, in JavaScript with Node.js.

Advanced JavaScript Explorer Edition is a file browser made in JavaScript, HTML 5 and CSS for the interface. It accesses the file system through a single local server based on Node.js.

From Java to JavaScript

This is actually a new version of the Advanced Explorer file management software I have written in Java in 1999 and updated in subsequent years. This version written entirely in JavaScript in 2012 keeps the essential features of the Java program and includes a more advanced text editor based on ACE for the backend, with a custom interface.

AEJE retains the same principles of operation that AE, with two panels and some innovative features already present in the Java edition. For example, when you want to delete a file, it is shown as strikethrough in the list. Another example, the copy/rename function to ease file management.
In addition, the use of HTML 5 will make it evolve more easily, because it is very easy to add functions with this interface. Moreover, the user himself can easily make his own functions if he wish as long as he knows HTML and JavaScript.

Advanced Explorer

Display on two panels

Text editor linked to file manager

ACE embedded text editor

Coming soon ...

New features will be added in future releases.

Features of the Java edition that have not yet been implemented yet:

Java functions that are not implemented.

Download and Documentation

Download Advanced Explorer on Github
See the list of changes from version to version.

What's in the box?
Adding extensions is very easy...

The manual

Installing: Download as a zip file and extract the archive at the root of a local drive.

Download and install Node.js. Put the files in the same directory that Advanced Explorer or make it visible throught the PATH variable on Windows.

Edit the aexplorer.ini file to add the path of your browser. For example Chrome 64 bits on Windows:

zip=pkzip -add -path browser=chrome

On Windows you need also Pkzip 2.5 and on Linux Gzip.

To launch the program type:

node aexplorer.js  

Credit, FAQ and license

The list of tools that have helped create AEJE, is provided in the list of questions and answers.

AEJE is licensed under Creative Common with permission to create personal versions not to be released publicly without permission. The text is included in the archive.

See also Advanced Explorer vs Windows Explorer, for the differences between the two programs.