The Google's calculator

It is hidden in the search bar and therefore it is in the URL bar of the Chrome browser, in case you have chosen Google as search engine.

Simple example ...

Enter this formula in the Google search bar:

    10 x 2 

In the first line of displayed results, you find the solution! The first line is special and offers multiple services according to the request. For example, during the Olympics could have the number of medals for a country by typing "country name Olympic."

In case you want to convert measurements ...


    45 miles in km 

At the top of results you now:

45 miles = 72.42048 kilometers

But if you type:

    45 miles km 

... you get ordinary results... Because there is a shell hidden behind these calculations and it does require well-defined keywords ...

Nevertheless, the interpreter seems to know when you go to it, as in its documentation, Google gives examples of various formulas that can produce a result:

When it is clear that the text entered is a mathematical formula, the engine can even display a graph, like for sin(x)+1/3 sin(2x)+1/4 sin(3x) for example:

But we will turn instead to Wolfram Alpha to display graphs of formulas as its possibilities are much broader and 3D figures obtained also more elaborate.

Other functions are hidden in the search bar, including translate and about. The keyword translate can make translations between human languages.

In Chrome, the word about may be followed by all that we want to test it in the browser:

about: version (version of the browser).
about: plugins (list of installed plugins).
about: memory (compared use of memory by Chrome and other browsers).
about: cache ( list pages in memory).

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