The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: an Adsense Western

Adsense leads to astonishing behavior while the programme is framed by clearly defined rules. The vast majority of affiliates are held in compliance with the rules even if we may be in doubt sometimes and we wonder if we have the right to place ads in such a way, to use such attribute style, and so on.

The good: He considers suscribing to the program as a partnership, he tries to maximize its income by bringing to advertisers visitors interested in their products. For him, integrate ads into the site serves the common interest.

The ugly: He is atonished by all the money that come to him, but this is never enough to him. He wants to provoke more and more clicks by any mean. There is no cost to anyone to click, he thinks.

The bad: He tries to manipulate the gears of the system to make the maximum profit. He knows well that advertisers will have to pay to provide incomes and he has plans for squeezing the maximum using smart processes.

There are sites that recognize neither Adsense rules nor Sergio Leone, and are ready to use any trickiness to maximize their income... until their account is disabled. If you want to avoid that happened, review the list of what is allowed or not (from an extract of the rules of the program), be sure to be the good, not the ugly, much less the bad...
In which category do you are staying?

The content of the page

The good: The site has a textual or graphical content, unique and informative, even if it can be purely commercial.

The ugly: There is in the rules of the Adsense program a whole list of content inconsistent with ads, it is essential to consult it because some rule could be unexpected. Do you know for example, that a site distributing memoirs or study work is banned for ads?

The bad: You can not put ads in copyrighted content unless you are the author. Legally we should not place text or images copyrighted by others our own site without permission. But should we take the Adsense rule to the letter? In this case we can not put ads even if we are authorized to put the content on our site, nor put ads on the site of others!

The presentation

The good: Integrating color is a good thing. You can change the colors of the title and text of the announcement to be the same as that of titles and the text of your page.

The ugly: Highlighting the ads. With too garish colors, with an arrow pointing to the ad! Visitors should not be led to click mechanically, they must find the links by themselves and visit the advertiser's sites if they are of interest for them.

The bad: It is forbidden to cause accidental clicks, for example with a drop-down list placed above the ads.

The placement

The good: The ads are integrated into the text of the page or in the menus. A link unit can be placed in a menu or next, because it brings visitors interested in the topic of the link.

The ugly: We should not put ad in an empty page, possibly generated automatically. For having no other choice, visitors could click on ads without any real motivation.

The bad: Pages designed specifically for Adsense, the MFA (Made For Adsense) are prohibited.

Promotion and incentive

The good: To promote commercial products on its site is not incompatible. About referrals, promoting the products by naming them explicitly is permitted.

The ugly: One should never encourage visitors to click for oneself, by an explicit message, or even an ambiguous text suggesting that the ads are an integral part of the site.

The bad: Inserting image besides ads suggests that they correspond to the link of the announcements. This is prohibited and is detected by the crawler.

The code and scripts

The good: Using a PHP script to select whether or not ads are displayed according to visitors is not prohibited as long as the ads bring visitors potientially interested in the advertiser's offers. Displaying ads when the visitor is a search engine, so not to display for other visitors, is possible.
You can also add another JavaScript code in the page in relation to the Adsense code. To block multiple clicks, or to generate statistics.

The ugly: Scripts that display ads on supports not explicitly in the provided list is not allowed..

The bad: Changing the JavaScript Adsense code is prohibited. It should be entirely defined from the setup panel. Generating pages automatically made to display the code is, too.


This recapitulation should help you find out what is permitted or prohibited with the Adsense program, and therefore let you staying in the first of the three categories, and avoid your account to be closed!

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