List of things to avoid with Adsense

Joining the program is entering a partnership, and not try to milk a cow...

When an account does not respect the rules of the program, it is disabled and disabling is made at the time of payment. In this case revenues collected are not paid, they are returned to advertisers.
The sites that display Adsense advertisements must first comply with the webmaster guide of Google.

The contents and ads

  1. Do not place ads in a page with unlawful contents and contents for adults or on sites dedicated to gambling or which distribute academic work. The complete list of forbidden contents is given in the rules of the program.
  2. Do not place them on content protected by a copyright if you are not the owner of the copyright.
  3. Do not place them in popup windows.
  4. On pages containing popups for other advertisers.
  5. Do not use Google marks or logos or screenshots.
  6. Do not place ads on sites that automatically install programs or require users to install software to use the site.
  7. The site should not contain misleading redirects that increase traffic.
  8. Do not place ads on pages without content or almost. MFA (Made For Adsense) websites are now banned.
  9. So on pages responding to a search script, and which could therefore be empty.
  10. Do not place them in emails or in software.
  11. Do not ask anything in relation to refferals, an email address for example.

SEO and Adsense

  1. The site must not be hacked to have its position improved artificially in results of search engines.
  2. The pages must not holds too much keywords, not natural, or hidden in the source code.

The Adsense code

  1. Do not modify the code directly, define it from the administering panel of your account.
  2. It is not forbidden to add a JavaScript code after the Adsense code and related to him, if it has a statistical or control goal.
  3. Regardless of the maximum numbers permitted by Google, inserting more than 2 contextual ads units, plus a link unit, plus two referrals, and a search box seems excessive if you are involved in the view of visitors. Moreover, this depends on the size of the page.
  4. It is permissible to share a site between several accounts, but not to share a page. You can not put the code of two accounts at the same time on the same page (you can alternate them dynamically).

The clicks

  1. Never click on the ads on your own site. Use the demonstration tool of Google for testing.
  2. Do not ask someone you know to click.
  3. Do not incentive to click. One incentive is to ask visitors to click to make you some money. To advertise a product is not an incentive.
    Note that it is permissible to promote referrals because the clicks are free, only conversions (download or registering) provide an income.
  4. Do not incite indirectly to click, including placing an image near the ads.
  5. Do not lead to accidental clicks, for example, with a dynamic menu placed on top of ads.
  6. Do not place ads directly under a title so it is thought that the title applies to the announcement.
  7. The integration is permitted. This refers to give the ads the appearance of the page, with the same colors in particular. But not to the extent that the ad is confused with the content: it is required that the announcement is distinguished of the content.

The communication

  1. You must not communicate publicly the details of the values displayed on your account.


As reported earlier in this text, membership is a partnership. Your account must be profitable and advertisers should benefit from ads on your site. If the ads do not make conversions, you will firstly suffer the effects of smart pricing and revenues will fall, and if your account is not profitable, Google can close it. Profitability is in relation with relevance: ads relevant with the content of the page have higher CTR and are therefore always profitable.

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First published November 10, 2007. Last revised February 2014.