Adsense optimization

From a sum of articles showing the experience of many users who described how they manage to earn more, and from advice of officials, I wrote this memo on the many ways to increase its advertising revenues.
This article completes the Adsense tutorial which provides the basis for optimal utilization of the program.

Income can be predicted

Adsense income is the number of impressions multiplied by CTR, multiplied by the CPC (cost per click), multiplied by the factor of smart pricing (not pusblished). This last point is described in the tutorial.
The cost per click depends on what the advertiser pays.
The CTR is a percentage of the number of impressions and it varies depending on the theme, placement (what is saw offers better chance of getting clicks), integration. Saying between 0.5 and 20%.

The order of ads is important

It counts. The ads that are the most relevant are inserted by the robot at first, with the first JavaScript code found. So the last ads make less money and if they are irrelevant, it is better to reduce the number of ads.

Proximity in content counts

When ads are placed in some of the text of the page containing the most wanted, more profitable keywords, these ads will make more.

The format of advertisements counts

The ads that make most are those who have the largest size and especially the widest.
The formats that are paying more in order of importance:

You can have a quiet but profitable investment

We would prefer to have ads in the background, and that visitors see mostly the content, but they will not click on what is not highlighted, then what?
It is possible however to achieve a good CTR (clickthrough rate) with certain investments. Ads on the right side have a good CTR if incorporated in a menu. And the ads at end of the article too. Matching the colors of ads with those of the page is also a way to improve CTR.

You can choose the part of the page concerned with Adsense

We can delineate sections in the page so that the text contained in these sections is preferably considered in selecting ads. We can also define sections of the page that they will ignore.
Just add some comments in the HTML code of the page.

<!-- google_ad_section_start -->
<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

We can eliminate the PSAs

It is possible to configure a property, to choose whether, in the absence of announcement, the service displays a public service announcement, or a blank space or a personal ad.
But what we want here is that there are always commercials and not a replacement.

  1. Make a content rich with varied and wanted keywords.
  2. Use explanatory meta tags for title and description and in connection with the content and heading in the content as well.
  3. Having a single consistent theme in the page.

And if despite this you still have these replacement ads, check your site design. That the robots.txt does not block adsense bots, for example!

The content of ads do not depend only on the content of the page

In fact it is determined more by the links to the page than by keywords in it! The content of anchors is the most important, it is why internal links must have an explicit language. The file name too, maybe do you have noticed that well informed sites use a file name that is a descriptive text rather than a date or a list of numbers?
Nevertheless it is more likely to get clicks if the ads are closely related to the content.
In fact the content of ads depends even more on the history of navigation of the visitor, but it is something on which the webmaster has no influence.

We can display ads on demand!

But on condition that it be done before sending the page by the server and not when the browser has already displayed them. And this is with PHP code running on the server side. Here is the experience of a user:

"This weekend, I decided to change the number of ad groups to my blog basing myself on the origin of traffic. I use a small PHP function that checks if the referrer is a search engine, and if so, I display two groups of ads more. My Adsense income has increased by 284% on Saturday, Sunday and Monday! "

The PHP code may use $ SERVER [REMOTE_ADDR] for the referent or $ SERVER [REQUEST_URI].
Why most revenue? Because if visitors do not find what they want in the page, they will try to find the answer in ads!

Active publishers earn more

Active publisher means a webmaster who often modifies the design of its pages to maximize advertising insertions.
There are several ways to optimize Adsense over time:

Ultimate tip

Before starting a program and place ads on his site, carefully read and read again the rules of the program ...

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