Tools and frameworks for personal robot

Which frameworks and tools are they available for programming a robot?

Remote Control

NoVNC et robotique

A rather simple solution for remotely controlling a robot: VNC Viewer. Available for download from the store for the Chrome browser, it allows you to control a remote computer and therefore also a robot controlled by a computer, a Raspberry Pi for example. You need to install a compatible server on the remote computer and configure the firewall on your computer to avoid interference. You can then send codes typed at the keyboard to another computer that translate them in commands.
Teamviewer is an free alternative for personal use.
Chrome Remote Desktop can also be downloaded from the store, because it works on Chrome, and makes the same services. It is free.
NoVNC framework is a JavaScript client compatible with the VNC server on the remote computer. It works in the browser for course with WebSocket


jsfeat. The code builds basic structures and adds features to use them. Objects are recognized as combinations of these basic structures.

Speech recognition

Simon. Open source software in C that is part of KDE but also works on Windows. As shown in the presentation, it provides an interface to manage the operation because we always need a development in this area. It uses Sphinx for model generation and also works with Voxforge.
Source code.
Note that the experiment results are rather average, but this is the best Linux software.

And natural language...

Natural is a framework for natural language working as a module and integrating many algorithms. By adding the module to an application, you access these methods to process input text and make the interpretation.

This may be supplemented by Sentimental, a feelings recognition module to make programs more responsive.


Hardware programming may be easier with a tool like Tessel, which supports JavaScript at the micro-controler level.