Geminoids, human clones

The time of clones began with the latest model of Mr. Hiroshi Ishiguro that is the perfect representation of a real person.

It is the result of a project called Center of Human-Friendly Robotics Based on Cognitive Neuroscience.

These androids are controlled remotely and are confined, it is characteristic of the actroid, to a single task. But if they accurately represent a human being, the fact is that we do not know from the video, which is the model, which is the copy.

The first quality of this android is her human expressions, and it is able to smile convincingly.

Geminoid F

She can talk and laugh.

The robot and its control system will be marketed for $ 110,000. It will serve as hostess in hospitals, museums or companies or participate in other situations requiring the presence of a passive person.

Geminoid F has little actuators: 12 instead of 46 in the previous model. But he has more facial expressions, however, thanks to a better design.

ATR has developed a remote control system which will be sold with the robot. It is simple and can be used by anyone.

Geminoid DK

This time it's the clone of a Danish professor, Henrik Scharfe. Made in Japan by Koroko, he was sent to a laboratory in Denmark for use in experiments.

All movements of the "robot" are controlled by an operator, and his facial expressions too. It is therefore actually an avatar. Its essential interest is in realism obtained. We must watch closely to note it is non-human.

This is not a real man: It is Geminoid DK, a remotely controlled avatar!

Imagine a future overrun by clones, representing either of his immediate family, or a copy of yourself, or a copy of a famous actress. We will have an example of Jennifer Connelly, Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz at home!