iCub a child robot able to learn

iCub robot is aimed to imitate a human at infant stage, it is equivalent at the most accomplished development level  to a three and a half years child, but it is however the most advanced artificial human to date. It is created through an open project, whose software is open source.

A learning robot

iCub, the child robot, 1 meter height is able to recognize objects, react to touch, handle them. He hears and knows how to speak English.

It was originally developed at the Italian Institute of Technology, Genoa, and six copies of this robot were sent to various scientific centers of Europe, employing specialists from various disciplines and especially artificial intelligence. Their mission is to make it closer to humans.

The robot will turn to assist the man. In everyday life, and in research to better understand brain function.

As intelligence is developed in interaction with the environment, so the researchers had the idea to create a robot equipped with basic programs designed to develop its knowledge and increase the capacity of its artificial brain.

Robotic Features:

Italian video of the children robot