Vgo the robot goes to work for you.

Designed for telepresence, the Vgo model from North End Technologies, is remotely controlled. Its designers set out the many benefits that can provide this device.

As we can not always be everywhere, the robot can put us several places at once and be activated as required. This increases productivity and also eliminates travel costs.
We will never need to wait for someone to perform a task and on the other hand, we can interact with a player anywhere at any stage.


The robot goes to school for you

Bary Lyndon suffers from kidney disease, a rare incurable immune system lacks, he must live in a sterile environment which forbids contact with others, and of course he can not go to school.

To enable him to have friends and a education close to those of others, his parents agree with the college of his city to provide him a Vgo robot who goes to school in his place, it can even interact, produce assignments, answer questions ...

Lyndon took classes at the keyboard of his computer through the webcam of Vgo. The presence of the robot among them seems much fun to other students as seen on video!