Tutorials for developers

Tutorials with examples and fully functional demos for mastering all the techniques of the Web 2.0 and build dynamic websites or rich web applications.


Building web or local applications with a rich interface, graphics and videos.
The XAML tutorial. For building Metro applications on Windows 8. This tutorial is about the markup language only and examples works on the Silverlight plugin for now.


SQL is now essential not only for programmers, but also for modern webmasters as it is used by most CMS including Wordpress, forums...

SQL tutorial.


SQLite is a database manager that works locally or on a Web hosting without connection to a MySQL database... It is used by Google Gears, Firefox 3 and other modern tools to run Web applications offline. It is therefore essential to webmasters to know how it works.

SQLite tutorial in PHP.

Building a CMS

The steps for building a content management system. The online editor, user management, comments on a web page... Some tutorials for Wordpress also in the Wordpress folder.

How to build a CMS.


Tutorial with interactive examples of functions and methods of objects. The usual DOM objects currents and the interaction with Web pages are put into practice in demonstrations.

Mastering JavaScript with interactive demos. Regular expressions checker.


Pages and Web applications can contain both vector designs, drawings or animated images. In canvas, you can create a game and 3D games were brought thanks to Asm.js' speed.
The basics of drawing in Canvas with JavaScript are given in this course with interactive examples.

Canvas Tutorial.

One page manuals